"Blurred Lines" Ring

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Design that literally bends the classic perception of jewelry.

All our jewelry pieces are created with stainless steel making them resistant to rusting and corrosion. You may enjoy your everyday activities looking gorgeous and confident in your accessories.

-Stainless Steel
-18K Gold Coating

Size: 6
Ring Size Guide
Found the perfect ring, but don't know your ring size? Don't worry! We have an easy way you can find out right now in the comfort of your own home.
Method 1:
Things you'll need:
1. String or tape. Floss will work too!
2. A marker or pen.
3. A ruler (preferably with centimeters).
Step 1
Take the tape (or string) and wrap it around your finger where you want to wear your ring. Make one full wrap around your finger, and make sure its not too tight. It should feel comfortable, or even a little bit on the looser side.
Step 2
Once you've found the perfect fit, use the market (or pen) to mark the spot exactly where the tap or string begins to overlap. Then remove the tape (or string) from you finger.
Step 3
Use the ruler to centimeter side of the ruler to measure from the end of the of the tape (or string) to the mark you made with your marker. This number will give you your ring size in centimeters!
Step 4
All AXIOM rings come in USA ring sizes. Use this chart to find your US ring size.
Look for your ring size in centimeters in the justify column. Once you've found it, look in the right column to see the corresponding ring size in US measurements.
You might not find an exact match, but that's ok! If you're in between sizes, we typically recommend going up in size rather then down, as fingers tend to swell throughout the day.
We are sure that this information has been of useful! If you prefer learning through videos, YouTube offers a wide range of videos that can guide you. Simply search for "how to determine my ring size," and you'll be presented with numerous videos to select from. Best of luck in discovering your perfect ring!✨

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